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Home of Genre & Narrative Improv for over 30 years

“Impro Theatre has evolved into a powerhouse improvisational company in full-length shows that are off-the-cuff and consistently hilarious...the company should be seen — and reseen!”


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Narrative Improv is the creation of full-length, unscripted plays built directly out of the creativity of the moment with nothing more than an audience suggestion. It's a flexible form unlike the highly structured forms of the Armando or Harold, and stands in contrast to the unstructured "montage" improv of possibly-connected scenes with once-off characters.

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Who We Are

Impro Theatre is a non-profit theatre company that aspires to change the world through joyful artistic engagement by performing, teaching, and expanding storytelling through unscripted theatre. For more than 30 years, Impro Theatre has been the home of genre and Narrative Improv in Los Angeles, constructing fully improvised plays inspired by the works of influential genres, playwrights, and authors.

Meet the Genres

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Jane Austen UnScripted

Jane Austen wrote only six novels, but her wit and wisdom left readers pining for more. Impro Theatre’s "Jane Austen UnScripted" gives audiences a chance to imagine the other books she might have written. The company starts with audience suggestions and deftly creates a world of love-struck girls, brooding noblemen and charming cads, and although hearts are sure to be broken, true love will win out in the end.




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