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Create & Perform
at Impro Studio

Are you an improv group, creator, director, or producer with a new idea for a show? Send your pitch below to book with us as a guest performer or apply for Impro Studio Presents (ISP) and we'll co-produce your brand new show! 

Impro Studio Presents

Impro Studio Presents (ISP) shows offer students currently or previously enrolled in Impro's Conservatory level (Lab or IPF) an opportunity to create, produce, and perform with the support of Impro Studio. ISPs are carefully curated by the Impro Studio and Artistic Director Team. Shows selected for an ISP production are supervised by an Impro Theatre professional, receive some complimentary and discounted rehearsal space, are guaranteed four performance dates (with a potential to extend) and receive production and marketing support from Impro Studio. 

Impro Guest Shows

Guest Shows at Impro Studio are selected by the Studio and Artistic Director Team to perform in one of our studio spaces. Guest Shows receive a discounted rate for rehearsal space, and includes one tech rehearsal in the Studio at no cost. Show announcements are shared on Impro Theatre's website and social media accounts. Guest shows are responsible for creating their marketing in coordination with Impro Studio and paying their director/producer. 

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