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Perform on stage, see a show, or rent the theatre! 

Impro Studio is the premiere venue space for performers, filmmakers, and artists alike! We offer opportunities to students and industry professionals to:

  • Perform live in our intimate 36-seat black box theatre;

  • Access to greenroom and tech booth;

  • Separate rehearsal space (fits 80 people);

  • Script readings, workshop, & classroom space available!

To pitch your show idea, schedule a tour, or to rent from us email or submit an inquiry form below. 

Day Rates (Mon - Thurs)

  • Hourly rate: $50

  • Full day rate (9am - 11pm) $650

  • Half day rate: (up to 6 hours) $275

Weekend Day Rates (Fri-Sun)

  • Hourly: $60

  • Full day (9am - 5pm): $455

Weekend Night (Rates Fri - Sun)

  • Hourly rate: $80

  • Half day (5pm - 11pm) $470

Standard Access: Full booth access, lights, wifi, AC

Add-on: Green room - $100 flat fee/rental

Rent the Studio!

For more information or to submit a rental inquiry request please submit the form below. Welcome for classes, rehearsals, & filming.

Thanks for submitting!

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