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Learn to Improvise Plays & Films!

Study and perform unscripted theatre (also known as narrative improv) with Impro Theatre School. We encourage new students to start with Impro Theatre School's CORE program. We also offer elective classes, ongoing classes and specialty workshops. Join our lively community for a stimulating learning experience. In our CORE program, we'll equip you with the essential skills for unscripted theatre, focusing on crafting scenes through CORE: Character, Objective, Relationship, and Environment, culminating in how we approach improvising full-length plays in specific genres.

At Impro Theatre School, we foster a culture that celebrates growth and the pure joy of learning. We know the importance of continuing education, and strive to keep ongoing learning affordable and our schedule varied to let you dive into multiple activities throughout the week or month.


Join us in this dynamic, supportive and vibrant community. 

Monthly Payment Plan Options Available

Classes listed at full-price may be set at discounted rates.

Payment plan options are available at an additional cost.


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