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Learn to Improvise Plays & Films!

Join a creative community of actors, writers, directors, and enthusiasts. Impro Theatre School's student-centered approach values collaboration, inclusivity, and places high value on fostering the next generation of improvisers unlike any institution in LA! There are sections two sections to our program: the CORE Program and the Conservatory program, which is placement/audition based. A prospective student who is brand new to improv, or even someone who may have done a little improv in high school, college, or in their work as an actor, will probably be recommended for Intro to Narrative Improv (which is Impro’s “101” class).  Students who have trained elsewhere (through 301 at UCB, Intermediate at Groundlings, etc) or have extensive performance experience may be eligible to bypass Intro to Narrative and start with Physical CORE - the first class in the CORE series.