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Impro Theatre School

With Improv Institutions like Second City and Improv Olympic leaving L.A. and local groups like The Ruby and ComedySportz losing their venues, Impro Theatre remains as a bedrock of improv entertainment and training. With its unique style of narrative improv, Impro stands with The Groundlings (short form and sketch) and UCB (The Harold), as one of the best places in Los Angeles to train and perform improv.

Narrative improv is all about the story. And these days, that’s what the industry wants. Commercial casting directors want improvisers who can stay within the reality of the scene and not break the scene with gags. Too often in indie improv shows performers go for the joke as opposed to finding the truth of the characters that drive the comedy. Narrative improvisers feel more confident when a director says: "Let’s do another take, but this time make it your own." And whether you’re a professional actor or just an improv enthusiast, we all have stories inside of us that are just waiting to come out.  Impro creates a welcoming, non competitive, non judgemental environment for people to learn fundamental improv in a more authentic way. 

And if you’re an experienced improviser, who has graduated from one or more improv programs and still feels as if somethings missing or that you want to challenge yourself to do more, longform narrative improv might be just what you need to find the joy and excitement you had when you first started.

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