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Impro Theatre is a non-profit theatre company that aspires to change the world through joyful artistic engagement by performing, teaching, and expanding storytelling through unscripted theatre. For more than 30 years, Impro Theatre has been the home of genre and Narrative Improv in Los Angeles, constructing fully improvised plays inspired by the works of influential genres, playwrights, and authors. These past few years have been extremely challenging for our humble community due to the devastating impacts of COVID-19 and prolonged venue closures. And while employment conditions improve for artists and creative workers, the arts sector is recovering slower than other industries in America. 

Support the Arts!

We are committed to rebuilding our community and through your generosity, you will help us achieve our goals for 2023! We'll be able to:


-Support organizational growth during a time of transition in a post-COVID landscape


-Increase BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ representation through barrier-free admission into our Narrative Improv program through the Ellen Idelson scholarship program


-Create new youth programs, prioritizing admission for those from historically marginalized communities 


-Expand our teaching program into local universities, community colleges, and high schools in support of career develop

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