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Impro Theatre School offers work-study positions on a limited basis. Students who apply and are accepted must meet volunteer-hour requirements and in exchange receive a reduced rate or a fully comped. Based on financial need, organizational capacity, and a thorough review by the DEIA Committee and the Executive Director, accepted work-study students must be currently enrolled in coursework and meet the requirements outlined in their volunteer job descriptions.


Positions include but are not limited to: office/administrative assistant, social media creator, web or graphic design, front of house, tech, stage management, studio assistant, development/ grant writing.  

Application & Inquires 

Email or inquire below with a brief summary describing your interest in taking classes, past experience in improv, and any related job skills/expertise. Letters of interests are accepted on a rolling basis. Demonstrating a financial need is not required, but please indicate this in your message if it is essential for your reason why you're applying for work-study. 

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