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Audience members are expected to adhere to Impro's COVID-19 Safety Policies.


Due to the confined space of our black-box theatre and the audience's proximity to the actors, all audience members will be required to wear a properly fitting mask over the nose and mouth in the theatre. Please note that mask requirements may change at any time in accordance with recommendations from health and safety experts and/or the needs of the show and our audiences. On the day of the performance, by entering the theatre, all audience members are attesting that they:


  • Have not tested positive for COVID-19 in the prior 5 days;

  • Have not been in contact with anyone known to have COVID-19, or persons exhibiting Symptoms of COVID-19 in the prior five days;

  • Are not presently exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms themselves.


Any ticket holder unable to affirm these three items, should not attend the theatre.

Students attending in person improv classes are also required to wear a mask. 

**Subject to change**

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